Christopher Mallick: Be a Professional

Christopher Mallick and Selma Blair

Christopher Mallick speaking on stage at the 2011 America Film Market.

Many personal attributes work together to present a professional image for anyone wishing to be an actor.  Christopher Mallick notices those who arrive on time and embrace the opportunity presented by a casting call.  Wardrobe, hair and makeup can create an intriguing interpretation of a character.  Christopher Mallick is adept at identifying talent that will add to the quality of his current film project.  Everyone participating on the project will be affected by the professionalism of others.  Christopher Mallick selects actors who go the extra mile for the simplest roles.  Each new project offers more opportunity to discover new talent.

Christopher Mallick: Ask Relevant Questions

Sometimes the opportunity to meet with an experienced director or producer, like Christopher Mallick, is presented in a casual setting.  In those moments, the right question can lead to an unexpected opportunity.  Genuine interest in a project without regard to personal gain is intriguing.  Christopher Mallick enjoys speaking with aspiring writers and actors whenever the opportunity is presented.  Those with genuine talent might receive a phone call later.  Perceptive questions, asked out of genuine interest, convey a desire to learn everything possible about the craft.  One day, the phone might ring because a heart-felt question was asked of someone like Christopher Mallick.